Is Your Washing Machine on the Fritz?

Turn to us for washer repair services in Grand Junction, CO

Have you noticed that your dirty laundry isn't being cleaned properly? If so, there's a chance that your washing machine is malfunctioning. Find out for sure by calling D & A Appliance Repair. We provide washer repair services in Grand Junction, CO and surrounding areas.

Our appliance repair technicians will:

Inspect your washing machine | Diagnose the problem | Replace faulty parts

We can work on gas and electric appliances from any brand. We can also order the necessary parts if none are available.

Contact us now to arrange for professional washer repair services.

Top signs your dryer is broken

Wondering if you need dryer repair services in the Grand Junction, CO area? You might want to hire D & A Appliance Repair if:

  • Your clothes are taking longer than normal to dry
  • Your dryer smells like it's burning
  • Your drum isn't spinning

We're standing by to fix any dryer problems affecting your laundry room. Reach out to us to schedule rapid and reliable dryer repair services.